Cracker Barrel Pairing Boards Vermont Sharp White Cheddar Strawberry Jam Woven Crackers & Dark Chocolate

Cracker Barrel Pairing Boards Vermont Sharp White Cheddar, Strawberry Jam, Woven Crackers and Dark Chocolate is a discerningly selected and prepared cheese board for one. This individually sealed single-serve cheese board contains crunchy woven crackers with Vermont sharp white cheddar, sweet strawberry jam, and irresistible dark chocolate. With on-the-go convenience and 310 calories per serving, these 2.9 oz. chocolate and cheese snack packs help satisfy your hunger between meals, giving you a tasty combination of flavors and textures whether youre in the office or on the move. The sharp white cheddar cheese adds a rich and bold texture, making it a scrumptious snack. To ensure this travel size snack board has long-lasting freshness, store it in the fridge.